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It took us a while to transition to the free enjin site.  Unfortunately we have to start from the beginning as we lost everything.  Please take a moment to register HERE and we are looking forward to playing with everyone again.  

We are going to keep it simple this time around and enjoy our time gaming.

Couple of things to do when you first join:

Visit our Introduce Yourself forum HERE and tell us something about you.  Even if you were a previous member (it's been a long time and we are old).

Get access to our Discord server.  Instructions are on This Thread.

*** Just a quick update, initially we wanted to use the free Enjin offerings, but found it lacking.  We've gone ahead and paid for 3 months in advance.  Instead of making donations via paypal, we would ask our members to contribute directly to enjin for site renewal.  There is a link on the lower right hand corner called "Donate Days". ***

KAZUYA Glad to see the site online :)
theurbanwatcher I wanted to post a comment.
gothicrichard good to see the site back up

Everything you need to know from the developer regarding the launch of No Man's Sky as well as what will be included in the first update. You can read the article HERE. 

BlakJak70 a Really looking forward to this one. There's also a fan made app to help with your journeys. https://www.engadge